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The Truth About Bankruptcy

January 13, 2022

Many misconceptions float around about bankruptcy. While it's true that the laws are complicated and that many forms are required for filing bankruptcy, doing so is easier than you think. That's especially true when you hire a bankruptcy attorney. It is possible for people to file bankruptcy without the assistance…

Litigation and Bankruptcy

December 22, 2021

Jeffrey J. Carey - 2020 MATA Convention Bankruptcy intersects with civil litigation when a party or indemnitor files for bankruptcy. This is written from the perspective of plaintiff’s counsel that either has a client or tortfeasor file for bankruptcy. If you are representing the injured party that files for bankruptcy,…

Updates on Bankruptcy Law

April 18, 2021

How Much Does A Bankruptcy Cost? For some, a lot.   It is important that you hire an honest and ethical law firm. A recent case out of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Missouri highlighted the dangers of hiring some firms. The Castle Law Firm, under…